It should be noted that the frequencies outlined below are no longer currently being used. As we reported some time ago VicRoads commenced trials of varying platform types.

At present they’re using ROIP / LTE technology based on infrastructure provided believed to be from TR Hirecom and are thoroughly enjoying the enhanced coverage which if far superior from their legacy analogue system.

68 464.2000  179.9 IRS Channel. Current primary TMC frequency. Registered to Mingara Australaisa on behalf of VicRoads.
467.5250 Multi-agency Snow channel. VicRoads, Victoria Police & Alpine Resorts
Base 3 TMC Primary Operators Console  
Base 8 IRS Operators Console Disused 2012
Base 11      
Base 12      
Base 15 Works Dandenong – Maintenance Depot  
Base 18      
Base 23 Works Deer Park – Maintenance Depot  
West Gate 100 IRS Team Leader  
West Gate 101   Traffic Commander  
West Gate 102   Traffic Commander  
Patrol 1 IRS On call staff  
Patrol 2 IRS On call staff  
Patrol 3 IRS North of Sunshine Ave on WRR
Calder Fwy – Interchange to Gap Rd
Tullamarine Fwy – Interchange to Sunbury Rd
MRR & Hume Fwy to Cooper St.
Patrol 4 IRS South of Sunshine Ave to West Gate Fwy/Princes Fwy
West Gate Fwy – Interchange to Greive Pde
Princes Fwy – Interchange to Little River
Western Fwy to Leakes Rd.
Patrol 5 IRS West Gate Fwy from Salmon St to Greive Pde.  
Patrol 6 IRS Monash Fwy from Glenfrerrie Rd to South Gippsland Fwy.  
Patrol 7 IRS Eastern Fwy Hoddle St to Springvale Road.  
Patrol 8 IRS   Unallocated.
Patrol 9 IRS MRR – Hume Fwy to Greensbrough Hwy. (Road works area) When staffing permits.
Patrol 10 IRS All areas as required When staffing permits.
Patrol 101 IRS    
Transport ###
TSS Transport Safety Services

IRS denotes Incident Response Service
TMC denotes Traffic Management Centre
TSS denotes Transport Safety Services
MRR denotes Metropolitan Ring Road
WRR denotes Western Ring Road