RAAF Williams AFB

Base Williams is made up of RAAF Base Point Cook and RAAF Base Laverton. Laverton Air Force Base ceased fixed wing flying operations in the early 1990’s. The last of the regular ‘Southern Service’ flights was carried out by a C-130 Hercules on December 9th,  1992.

Its runways have since been removed after being in a state of disrepair for several years and its old Control Tower has now been demolished. There is currently a long term housing estate project being undertaken which is expected to conclude around the year 2025.

The base continues to house non-flying elements of the Royal Australian Airforce as well as sections of the Australian Army Reserve. The base formed a vital part of the ADF’s response capability during the 2006 Commonwealth Games housing elements of the Army’s Aviation Regiments, the then Incident Response Regiment (now known as SOER) and Special Forces. The base can still cater for rotary wing elements if required.

Frequency Mode Use
 126.2000 AM  CTAF
 380.9500 P25  CTAF Rebroadcast
 135.5000 AM