imagesNEWS: It is expected that during November 2019 Uniden Australia will release DMR and NXDN upgrade options for its UBCD325P2 handheld scanner.

The cost is expected to be about the same as the current upgrades for the PT and USDS models.
Scanner Upgrade Purchases
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Ambulance-Vic-logo_RGB-2NEWS: In March 2018 we advised of Ambulance Victoria’s plans to encrypt most, if not all, their MMR talkgroups. On the 11th July, 2019 the above became reality.

At the present time encryption is now used across 99.99% of Ambulance voice traffic on the MMR Network which is primarily used in the Metropolitan Melbourne and Greater Geelong areas. Whilst there are one or two consoles still transmitting in the clear nearly all other consoles now carry encryption across the talkgroups as do nearly all radios. Those two talkgroups where you can still hear voice traffic are in fact patched and the majority of road cars and portables encrypted. Meaning you mostly only hear one side of the conversation

All general operations, clinician and DTM talkgroups are now unable to be listened to. Below is a message from myself regarding this matter.

425px-Badge_of_Victoria_Police.svgUPDATE: As of Tuesday 20th November, 2018 Victoria Police communications in rural and regional Victoria are now encrypted meaning if Police communications was the only reason you had a scanner, prepare to be disappointed.

425px-Badge_of_Victoria_Police.svgUPDATE: As most would be aware the Victoria Police and its project partners expected to turn on encryption across the range of Victoria Police talkgroups on the RMR Network this morning. The change was expected at approximately 0300Hrs this morning on the 12th November, 2018, unfortunately this didn’t take place as most would be aware of by now

I’m lead to believe that encryption will now be turned on Monday 19th November, 2018, I’m sure some will be relieved that we appear to have another week left to monitor rural Police radio traffic.

I believe the delay relates to the fact that some radios were yet to be installed.

imagesUPDATE: Now if I was an avid scanner user and liked nice new shiny toys, and let’s face it I certainly am and do, I think as November 2018 passes us and we enter December 2018 it would be wise for us to keep an eye on the offerings of these links and see if anything strikes your fancy. Question is, if you were to buy yourself an early Christmas present, how much would you have to spend?
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425px-Badge_of_Victoria_Police.svgUPDATE: Victoria Police look to be planning to turn on encryption to their talkgroups as of Monday, 12th November 2018. At this stage it is planned to undertake the process of engaging encryption at approximately 0300Hrs in the morning. It is unknown if this is just a load testing exercise or if ‘this is it’.

With an election looming and promises to deliver on rest assure a ‘must deliver’ mandate is being undertaken.

This follows on from further Victoria Police Districts having commenced their transition to the RMR Network in rural and regional Victoria, the most recent being the former ‘P’ and ‘Q’ Districts being handed over on the 29th November, 2018 and then commencing their operations on RMR talkgroups as of Thursday 1st November, 2018. At present there is patch running between the existing legacy VHF network and the new system, as for how long this remains is unclear at this stage.

Ambulance-Vic-logo_RGB-2NEWS: Ambulance Victoria has commenced the training of its crews for the new APX series of radio. It is hoped that all metropolitan road cars and assets will have been fitted and all crews been trained in their use just prior to Christmas 2018. There has been some initial ‘talk’ of poor battery life on some units being reported. At present I am unaware of the battery capacity type in use and just how many reports have been submitted highlighting such.

imagesNEWS: Yesterday evening forum member ‘frankc’ reported he’d noted a new  firmware update for his Uniden UBCD436-PT and he subsequently undertook the update. Once completed he noted that within the menu options of the unit were upgrade options applying to DMR, NXDN and EDACS ProVoice.

It looks as though Australian and New Zealand markets are another step closer to finally having those much wanted options thanks to Uniden Australia and Pacific Telecommunications. It really is about time given the options have been available in the US marketplace for several years now. Well done to those involved locally in making this happen.

It will soon be up to the end users to make this exercise worthwhile and pay for those upgrades and increase your scanners receiving capabilities.

imagesNEWS: Jim from Ozscan has reported that the much anticipated and long hoped for testing program for the DMR protocol on the Uniden 436-PT and 536-PT series of scanners has commenced.

The scanners, initially available through Pacific Telecommunications under licence from Uniden, were released through an EOI (Dec 2014 reissue) by the Country Fire Authority (CFA) who wished to obtain a suitable unit for it’s volunteers when it commenced migration to the RMR Network, initially refereed to as the Regional Radio Dispatch System (RRDS). The radios were later available to members of the public once sufficient CFA numbers had been fulfilled.

Since then there has been much frustration by a number of owners who wished for their units to have a capability on par with their US and European counterparts.
For those on Facebook Jim’s Ozscan page is available here: Ozscan on Facebook

425px-Badge_of_Victoria_Police.svgUPDATE: The next Victoria Police region to transition to the RMR Network looks to be occurring from Wednesday 18th July, 2018. Elements of the area that most longtime monitors would refer to as ‘O District’ should start the move this coming week. As per usual a patch between the legacy VHF Voting Network and the RMR Network will be in place during the migration.

425px-Badge_of_Victoria_Police.svgUPDATE: Victoria Police rural communications will finally commence their migration to the RMR Network. It is believed that as of the 20/06/2018 elements of Western Region, particularly some of those areas that were once known as ‘N District’ will commence operating on the RMR Network.

During the gradual transition the RMR Network will maintain a patch between the existing VHF Voting and SMR Networks.

UPDATE: The Victoria State Emergency Service has outlined the following for their planned migration to the RMR Network. The initial area to migrate is to be the Metro area (East to West) during July 2018 followed by the South West, then the Mid West, then the North West, then North East then lastly the East Region.

The initial plan is for all areas to migrate over a 5 month period with allocated radios to be Motorola 
APX 8000 portable series, Motorola APX 7500 mobile series and the fixed base units Motorola APX 2500 series. It should also be noted as mentioned in earlier updates that the SES intend on making use of the MMR Network as well.

imagesNEWS: Are Uniden Australia and Pacific Telecommunications finally coming to the party with some upgrades to the local UBCD436-PT and UBCD536-PT range of scanners? We can only hope, fingers crossed for local users of these units.

Ambulance-Vic-logo_RGB-2NEWS: It is speculated that Ambulance Victoria will be encrypting their MMR Network talkgroups in the near future. With new radios currently being rolled out it looks as if ESTA and AV have decided to encrypt their previously unencrypted talkgroups in use on the MMR Network.

It is unknown if the encryption will be ‘strapped’ to the talkgorup or if it will be ‘user selectable’ via the console operator. Ambulance Victoria has apparently grown increasingly concerned regarding sensitive patient details being broadcast during transmissions.

It is also unknown if the move will also entail new talkgroup allocations or if the fleetmap will remain the same.

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade have also flagged interest in encrypting their talkgroups. I am uncertain if at this stage they would intend on following the same timeline that AV are working to however I believe AV’s radio terminal replacement program may in fact be more progressed than the MFB’s.

UPDATE: We’ve been working on trying to map out the Logical Channel Numbers (LCN’s) for the various Orion Network sites located around Victoria. Between myself and contributions form ‘mbui03’ and most recently from ‘AXE’ for the Murradoc Hill site we’re now only two sites shy of having the LCN’s sorted. If you can help with completing the task or know of any errors or omissions on the sites relevant  page (HERE) then you can submit information via this link: Submit Information

Sheriff's Office Vic (high)NEWS: There has been mention that the Sherrif’s Office of Victoria has withdrawn totally from its planned migration to the MMR and RMR Networks for now. The Sherrif’s Office will instead and seek out and consider other options for future communication. Such a decision would mean that SOV will now be required to hand back funding it had received for the project from Emergency Management Victoria.

Sheriff's Office Vic (high)NEWS: The Sherrif’s Office of Victoria has delayed its planned migration to the MMR and RMR Networks for a period of time. The Sherrif’s Office will instead undertake an internal review and as part of the review ‘explore future communication options’. The decision to consider other possible communication options appears to be slightly at odds with the overall ESO future communications plan set about by the Victorian Government which encompasses all of its sectors.

UPDATE: A reader of the site, Tyrone, and long time contributor ‘Firescan’ have pointed out some new RMR Network sites that are coming online. Subsequently we’ve given the RMR Network Sites page a refresh.

You’ll also note it is now formatted in an identical manner to that of the MMR Network Site page. The only difference being that the RMR Sites are still grouped together by geographical region.

If you can provide any further info please feel free to share. The addition of new RMR sites is the next step in opening up the RMR to additional users and also addresses coverage shortcomings. The updates appear on the RMR Network Sites in green text for the time being.

logo-wNEWS: The Whistler Group have just announced their own range of DMR capable radios set for release following on from Unidens own announcement.  Whistler TRX-1They plan on offering the TRX-1 (handheld) and TRX-2 (desktop/Mobile) multi-system adaptive digital trunking scanners with Motorola P25 Phase I, X2-TDMA, Phase II and DMR making them capable of monitoring the following unencrypted channels/systems:
– Conventional DMR (Entered as a DMR trunked system)
– Hytera XPT
– MotoTRBO™ Capacity Plus
– MotoTRBO™ Connect Plus
– MotoTRBO™ Linked Cap Plus systems
Initial units are expected to commence shipping June 2016 and Whistler also plan on providing an NXDN upgrade, which is currently being developed, for free when completed.
You can read the release from Whistler here:
Pretty amazing 24 hours for the scanning community.

imagesNEWS: Uniden America have announced that owners of their BCD536HP & BCD436HP range of scanners will have offered a paid upgrade option to permit the monitoring of DMR (including MotoTRBO™) radio systems. An ‘early bird’ upgrade offer at a cost of $50.00 (USD) has also been announced. Uncertain what the full cost will be after the ‘early bird’ offer ends.Initial details available here:

Sheriff's Office Vic (high)NEWS: A recent 2016 Deloitte report for the Victorian Government advises on P.18 and P.19 that the Sherrif’s Office of Victoria will migrate from the SMR Network to both the MMR Network and RMR Network for its communication needs. Report here: Infrastructure Capability Assessment Justice and Emergency Services

Ambulance-Vic-logo_RGB-2NEWS: Ambulance Victoria and the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) have commenced planning the move to the RMR Network for Ambulance Victoria’s rural operations. Plans also underway for SES to migrate to both the MMR and RMR Network.

425px-Badge_of_Victoria_Police.svgNEWS: Victoria Police rural communications to finally be encrypted by January 2017. The project will involve an expansion of the P25 RMR Network with network contract management transferred from the CFA to ESTA.