RMR Network

The RMR Network initially commenced operational life under the name of the ‘Regional Radio Dispatch Service (RRDS)’. It is an emergency management-grade digital VHF network service covering regional and rural Victoria based on APCO P25 protocols, just as its UHF based partner system the MMR Network is. The service includes access to the network and interfaces.

Initially established to provide the Country Fire Authority CFA  with direct communications with incident dispatchers, the service was established as a State contract to enable other users to access
the network over time. Over time the network will come under the control of the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority, again just as the MMR Network is.

The RMR Network service is provided by Telstra, having initially been designed, constructed and implemented under a joint venture with Motorola.

As of 2018 other Government entities such as the Victoria Police, Ambulance Victoria, State Emergency Services, Corrections Victoria and Life Saving Victoria will migrate to the network. This will mean some entities will conduct their operations and duties across both the MMR Network, primarily for the metropolitan areas, and the RMR Network primarily for regional and rural operations.