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This file is composed in UBCDx36_Sentinel. First you will need to unzip these to an easy to find location. You will then need to import as hpe file under the file menu in Sentinel.

Covers all CFA districts, CFA full channel listing, Victoria Police rural, Ambulance Victoria (Metropolitan & Rural), Metropolitan Fire Brigade and CB radio (HF 27MHz & UHF 477MHz).

File can be downloaded here. (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE – Sorry Folks).


Coming Soon

UBCD396T & UBCD996T (Also BCD396T & BCD996XT)

396T File – here (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE – Sorry Folks).
MMR General
AV Metro & Rural
MFB (Trunking & Conventional)
Vicpol Rural

Made in FreeScan

Can be used in a #96XT series as well but there is a specific one coming for them soon.

Scanner Manuals

Uniden UBC245XLT

Uniden UBC9000XLT

 Uniden UBC3000XLT

 Uniden UBC2500XLT

 Uniden UBC93XLT

 Uniden UBCT-8

Uniden UBC355XLT

 Uniden UBC126AT

 Uniden UBC130XLT

Uniden UBCD996T

 Uniden UBCD396T

 Uniden UBCD396XT

 Uniden UBCD436PT

 Uniden UBCD325P2-AU (BCD325P2)

 Uniden UBCD536PT

 Uniden SDS100

 Realistic PRO-2004

 Realistic PRO-2005

 Realistic PRO-2006

 Realistic PRO-34

 AOR AR2000

 AOR AR2002

 AOR AR3000A

 AOR AR82000 Mk3

 AOR AR5001D (Version 5.6)


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