The ‘Australian Scanning Report’ Podcast is coming!

Long time scanning enthusiasts will be more than familiar with the name Russell Bryant within our community.

Russell, who has authored several books, was a long time contributor to various scanning and communications related publications over the decades and has provided articles for VicRadio Zone previously has recently announced his and others intention to create a Podcast aimed at our hobby.

Provided below is the recent announcement from Russell on the ‘Scanning Digital NSW‘ Facebook Page.

Okay, we threatened you with it, now it is happening. The Australia Scanning Report is the name that will be given to a series of podcasts devoted to scanners, scanning and associated activities.
I have been around and involved in the hobby for nearly 50 years and while I have acquired a good deal of knowledge about it, the one thing I cannot do is predict what you the prospective listener wants to hear about.

Accordingly this email address (Remove the underscores otherwise it will bounce) is the portal through which you can suggest topics, mention hints and generally discuss scanners and scanning in Australia.

Some ground rules, while frequencies and the finding of the same will obviously be covered, it is not and will not be a frequency finding service. So don’t ask because the request will be ignored and deleted. Sorry Garry, but UHFCB unless it is being used for a commercial or non hobby activity will also largely be disregarded. Likewise ham radio.

There is no set pattern as to when the podcasts will be released, at this stage anyway. This is very much a learning curve for me and others involved. Despite being retired I do have other activities and commitments that need my attention, so they will be released on an ad hoc basis.

So here is your chance. Members of this group are the crash test dummies for the initial podcast. I want to know what you want to know, hear or learn about. So without further to do…go for it!

Some initial comments and questions have begun appearing on the group and probably one of the most important initial ones has been if this podcast will be merely for New South Wales or as the name suggests Australia-wide. I’m pleased to share that the team behind this do intend on creating a forum of media befitting of the name in that it will be intended for the whole of Australia.

Here is where you need to help this team, we need to remember the group behind this is primarily based in New South Wales, as much as they want to create something for the hobbyists Australia-wide it will only be possible if you provide input and assist with topic suggestions. So be sure to hit them up at their provided email with your topic suggestions and any relevant information you can provide.

Good Luck & Happy Scanning!

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