Uniden Discovery feature & Trunking Systems

Happy New Year to you all.

Just a quick bit of advice for those curious about using the feature in the article name.

For those of you who use the Uniden SDS series, its predecessor the x36 series and the HomePatrol series many would be aware of the ‘Discovery’ feature that is available. Quite a nifty feature and one that can save you quite a bit of time.

I won’t be going in to detailed specifics here of the feature, just two vitally important aspects of it in regards to trunk systems.

The ‘Discovery’ feature which is accessible via the menu expands further in that it can be run on either an already programmed trunking system or on a user-defined frequency range on conventional.

One subject I often see in regards to ‘Discovery’ and its sub-category ‘Trunking Discovery’ on various forums and Facebook groups related to our hobby is people locating this feature but not realising the two rather important aspects of it in order for it to work on ‘Trunking Discovery’. I see numerous posts and threads with users asking for help to use this feature. In most cases the lack of success comes down to a very minor issue.

Now obviously the below advice is aimed at new users and not those already comfortable and familiar with the feature, it’s aimed at those learning about it and seems to be where many new users of the feature come unstuck so too speak.

This part is really important!

In order to run ‘Trunking Discovery’, the trunked system you wish to run this feature on must already be programmed in your radio and the system with its associated site must be available for scanning.

This means the trunking system must already be in an active Favorites List or within the defined location of the units main database.

Get those two aspects right and you’ll be set to use this great feature and then review the results at a later time when you actually have just that, time.

Good luck!

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