MMR / RMR Network – New call sign allocations for FRV

Yesterday we posted about the upcoming reform for the MFB and CFA Integrated Stations and the new Fire Rescue Victoria entity. For those you who missed the post you can read it here: MMR Network – The MFB, CFA & new Fire Rescue Victoria.

We touched on the expected use of the MMR Network for what were previously CFA Integrated Stations in selected areas and those stations new Fire Station number allocations. With the upcoming change and transition to number based call signs we should expect a change in the appliance call signs, something also loosely touched on yesterday.

We can now advise the expected call sign structure for the appliances. They should look like the following;

FRV Station Name Station No.
Appliance Call Sign
Sunbury 53 Pumper 53 P53
Greenvale 54 Pumper 54 P54
Caroline Springs 55 Pumper 55 P55
Melton 56 Pumper 56 P56
Rescue 56 R56
Tarneit 57 Pumper 57 P57
Point Cook 58 Pumper 58 P58
Lara 61 Pumper 61 P61
Corio 62 Pumper 62A P62A
Pumper 62B P62B
Breathing Apparatus 62 BA62
Geelong City 63 Pumper 63A P63A
Pumper 63B P63B
Ladder Platform 63 LP63
Rescue 63 R63
Belmont 64 Pumper 64 P64
Ocean Grove 66 Pumper 66 P66
Ballarat City 67 Pumper 67A P67A
Pumper 67B P67B
Ladder Platform 67 LP67
Breathing Apparatus 67 BA67
Lucas 68 Pumper 68 P68
Warnambool 70 Pumper 70 P70
Aerial Pumper 70 AP70
Transporter 70 T70
Portland 71 Pumper 71 P71
Mildura 72 Pumper 72 P72
Aerial Pumper 72 AP72
Bendigo 73 Pumper 73A P73A
Pumper 73B P73B
Ladder Platform 73 LP73
Breathing Apparatus 73 BA73
Wangaratta 74 Pumper 74 P74
Transporter 74 T74
Shepparton 75 Pumper 75 P75
Aerial Pumper 75 AP75
Woodonga 76 Pumper 76 P76
Traralgon 77 Pumper 77 P77
Ladder Platform 77 LP77
Morwell 78 Pumper 78 P78
Aerial Pumper 78 AP78
Latrobe West 79 Pumper 79 P79
Craigieburn 80 Pumper 80 P80
South Morang 81 Pumper 81 P81
Eltham City 82 Pumper 82 P82
South Warrandyte 84 Pumper 84 P84
Boronia 85 Pumper 85 P85
Rowville 86 Pumper 86 P86
Dandenong 87 Pumper 87A P87A
Pumper 87B P87B
Ladder Platform 87 LP87
Rescue 87 R87
Hallam 88 Pumper 88 P88
Springvale 89 Pumper 89 P89
Patterson River 90 Pumper 90 P90
Frankston 91 Pumper 91A P91B
Pumper 91B P91B
Breathing Apparatus 91 BA91
Cranbourne 92 Pumper 92 P92
Pakenham 93 Pumper 93 P93
Mornington 94 Pumper 94 P94
Rosebud 95 Pumper 95 P95

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4 replies

  1. Are You able to obtain and publish a full list of all Fire Rescue Victoria Station Numbers?

  2. I am a former vol firey from an integrated CFA station, and on day two I am confused, listening to District 8 RMR and only certain stations that are now FRV are using the District 8 CFA RMR network, like Frankston, Cranbourne, Dromana ,yet FRV stations like Dandenong, Hallam are using MMR network.

    Also very confusing on RMR to hear FRV appliances calling Firecom, and on same network, CFA appliances using Vicfire, why they do not just use one, be it Firecom or Vicfire.

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