ProScan and the Uniden 436-PT / 536-PT series scanners.

Many long time users of the Uniden Australia local release UBCD436-PT and UBCD536-PT series of scanners have long lamented that one of the greatest pieces of software seemed incompatible with their scanners. For some time they’ve been frustrated that ProScan wouldn’t recognise their units and permit serial mode operation and couldn’t replicate the scanners display on their computer.

Recently a member of our forums begun a little experimenting and appears to have sorted a workaround and has successfully been using his handheld UBCD436-PT with ProScan, some other users have now reported being successfully able to have their units recognised.

I thought it worthwhile to share the post by ‘melbscan’ describing the background and how he achieved such with some advice form Bob at ProScan for others that may wish to use ProScan with their local 436-PT units.

‘melbscan’ writes;

We all know that the UBCD436PT’s firmware was heavily modified, and something that was removed was the ability to use the scanner headless, or remotely display the scanner’s display such as on a computer. I use Proscan as my scanner is remotely mounted. I recently had to swap my UBCD436PT that lived in the house for the BCD436HP that lived in the car so I could display this on my PC.

With thanks to Bob at Proscan I have been troubleshooting an issue where my included USB cable would drop out after a few hours, and he suggested I use the GPS port with a 396 cable.

In testing this, I though I would give this a try on my AU UBCD436PT and voila! On screen display of the UBCD436PT.

Here’s the steps:

1. Connect 396 cable to the upper port of the scanner, under the rubber flap.
2. Download the USB-1 Cable driver (I didn’t actually need these after all – YMMV)
3. On the scanner, go to MENU > SET YOUR LOCATION > SET UP GPS > SET SERIAL PORT > 115200 bps
4. Open your program of choice, Proscan and set COM port to the newly created COM port.

A few on the people on the forums and in some private chat groups were curious if the same could be achieved with the 536-PT model and today forum member ‘Xploer’ had success, allbeit in a slightly different way, which is not really that uncommon with bits of software and compatibility sometimes working differently from one computer to the next. Sometimes what works for one may not work another. Below is how ‘Xplorer’ achieved his connection with his UBCD536-PT.

‘Xplorer’ writes;

I tried using your 436PT method on a 536PT with no luck. But, I have found the solution.

I checked the x36PT manual that failed to provide sufficient detail.
The x396XT manual confirms when connecting a 396 to a GPS, a Null Modem is required to create a crossover.

So I went and purchased a Null Modem from Jaycar to try my luck.
That was the key ingredient I was missing, where ProScan is now working with my UBCD536PT (Aus model).

You need the parts (or variant) listed below (Jaycar links are down the bottom of actual parts I’m using):
• 1 x RS232 DB9M to USB Converter Adapter ($27.95)
• 1 x Null Modem ($7.95)

1. Connect the Null Modem Cable to GPS port of 536PT.
2. Set the GPS port to 115200 in the 536PT settings.
3. Connect RS232 to USB Converter Adapter (or cable) to computer USB port.
4. Ensure the computer Device Manager has a correctly installed adapter under “Ports”.
5. If not correctly installed, trial different drivers until you have it installed correctly.
6. Take note of that Port Number.
7. Connect the Null Modem Cable to the RS232 to USB Adapter together.
8. Open ProScan software, select “Scanner Type”, click Scanner “BCD536HP” and “OK” (as there is no listing for UBCD536PT).
9. Select “Comm Port”, click “Refresh”, then “Auto Detect”.
10. Ensure ProScan “Baud Rate” speed is 115200.
11. The port number from above will now be shown as “Available”.
12. Click on that Available port number, then select “Set Selected Available Port”.
13. The 536PT scanner will now be visible on ProScan software, where you now have full control.
14. Happy Days thanks to melbscan 436PT procedure that assisted with proving ProScan working with the 536PT model.

I’m not saying you need this specific RS232 to USB Converter Adapter.
If you have an alternative, that may work too.
But the key ingredient is the “Null Modem” either in adapter or cable form.

RS232 DB9M to USB Converter Adapter

Null Modem Cable, Female to Female, 0.5m

Although this procedure and parts is working for me, I take no responsibility if you do the same thing, or trial something similar, for any damage that you may cause.
Try at your own risk.

For those not yet familiar with ProScan it is a worthwhile investment and is available for download from here: There is a 30 day full function trial for first time users before a once off purchase payment is required to obtain a personalised ‘key’. Check the ProScan site for details.

Good luck and Happy Scanning!

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