Uniden Australia – UBCD325P2 Firmware upgrade available

Hi Folks,

A rather short post to let you know it looks like another positive step has taken place for the Uniden UBCD325P2 handheld currently available on the market locally.

In preparation for the long awaited release of DMR, NXDN and ProVoice mode upgrade options to the UBCD325P2 Uniden Australia have just released a firmware upgrade for the unit, that being version 1.08.02.

I am sure many users of the these units will be excited at the prospect that they’ll soon be able to enjoy additional digital modes already enjoyed by users of the UBCD436PT, UBCD536PT and USDS100 series of scanners.

Product Details Page: UBCD325P2
Click on the downloads tab on the page for the unit, located just below the image of the unit itself on the Uniden page. There should be a link to commence the download for the Firmware Updater. Remember this step must occur if you intend on upgrading your unit in the future with any of the previously mentioned digital modes.

When the digital upgrade options previously mentioned are finally released for the UBCD325P2, providing you have updated your firmware, you should be able to purchase and install a product key for the upgrade of your choice. Keep an eye out here: Uniden Scanner Upgrade in the ‘Model Name’ drop-down box, when you see your product model there it should mean the upgrades are finally available to purchase for the model type.

At this stage it mode upgrade costs are still expected to be about the same as the current upgrades for the PT and USDS models.

Readers and users of Facebook can stay further updated by following Ozscan at: Ozscan – Facebook. Jim at Ozscan always has a few units to sell or a range of secondhand units he’s received as a trade-in from time to time.

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