AOR AR7400 Air-band Receiver

AOR displayed a prototype receiver at a recent Ham Fair event, nothing new there you might say and you’d be right given companies do this all the time. The rather exciting aspect of this proposed unit however is it is aimed at the air-band market and can by all looks of it monitor 4 frequencies at a time via 4 independent tuners (VFOs’).

The unit housing looks to lend from its sister unit, the AR-DV1, except instead of predominately white housing with blue sub-tones we see the the AR7400 in a black case with with red sub-tones. At least we do in the prototype unit that is.

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Obviously given the unit is a prototype details a little scare at this stage, however what we do know is the following;

Coverage: VHF band 108 ~ 137MHz (AM), UHF band 225 ~ 400MHz (AM), WFM 76 ~ 108MHz;<
IF Bandwidth : AM mode 6kHz (5.5kHz);
Reception: VHF / UHF 4-wave simultaneous reception;
Speed: Ultra-high-speed 1-second scan / search. Example: The time required to scan the range of 108 ~ 137MHz is about 1 second (when the signal on all channels was not out).
Antenna Connector: 1 x BNC (Female);
Speaker: 1 x top mounted internal (assumed based on image) AND 4 x 3.5mm rear speaker output jacks
Other: 1 x Micro USB (front) 1 x Line 3.5mm jack (rear), 1 x SD/SDHC card reader (front), 1 x Auxiliary socket (rear) (assumed based on image).

There is no word yet on if and when this unit will become available or expected costs.

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