Australia, the Uniden USDS100 is set for launch!

In the coming days Uniden Australia is set to launch a local variant of the Uniden America SDS100 which was announced around March 2018 and released around June 2018 to the US and Canadian markets.

You can read our initial article on the matter at The surprise Uniden package, that is not a surprise as well as my initial thoughts on a unit I imported from the US at A brief look at the new Uniden SDS100 Bearcat.

In the latter article I briefly touched on suspicions I held at the time as to why we might see a local version hit our shores at some point, I have no idea whatsoever if the subject I touched on was a factor in the decision Uniden Australia has made but the reality is, they’ve done it!

Click to see larger image. Material provided by Uniden Australia.

The 1st of December, 2018 or thereabouts should see the Uniden USDS100 available for purchase via the Uniden Australia online store

Direct link to unit available here:

The local unit was thought to have been designated the USD100 given its appearance as such in the DMR / NXDN / ProVoice upgrade link available here:

Click to see larger image. Material provided by Uniden Australia.

Recently the drop down menu on the page has been updated and now shows the unit as the USDS100 and marketing material provided to me also shows the unit as the USDS100.

How much?

There is bound to someone out there simply scanning through this article looking for the $ signs.

Longtime hobbyists will remember when the Uniden UBCD996T and UBCD396T models hit our shores in what seems like an eternity now. Back then the initial price was $999 for those units and it was the first time many in the local scene had seen such a price for a scanner.

The 996T and 396T models hit the shelves around 2006 from memory, now fast forward 12 years to 2018. Needless to say the changes in the market has been incredible between back then and now.

Thankfully, and considering what we could be paying we should be thankful, we’re still under the $1000 mark for the new USDS100, but it should be noted that the price I’m about to type is for the stock standard unit without DMR, NXDN and ProVoice for EDACS out of the box.

Are you ready for it? Expect to pay around $949.95 for the USDS100.

So who’s feeling a little light-headed after reading that? Is that sobbing I can hear? Who’s feeling a little down? Maybe a nice new scanner will make you feel better!?!

Many thanks to Uniden Australia for not abandoning our local scene both here and in New Zealand, hopefully those in the scene continue to support those providing the equipment for such.

Stay safe and happy scanning!

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7 replies

  1. its funny that people in the radio industries keep saying that you cant listen to police as its encrypted, yet in recent years truckers have been caught with radios and admit they were bought from bikers for a few thousand dollars and have had them for years……
    My point is, it sounds like its possible and its out there….

    • Unfortunately in nearly all these cases it is because of poor ‘housekeeping’ by those responsible for the management of the systems or the operational limitations imposed on them by those higher up the Chain of Command.

  2. Hello after listening to scanners for 27 years especially the rural and Metropolitan ambulance in Victoria are you aware of any types of scanners or other options we have to listen to these services once they go to the new radio system that is encrypted? I am listening to it today at home and quite a few cars are on the encrypted channel. Will this be the end of our listening full stop or is there another way thanks

  3. Will this unit or the up market ones still pick up vicpolice, ambulances eg esta and meld metro, air wing, all fire brigades eg cfa and mfb Melbourne, uhf, all air craft . If so how much in Australian dollars yours truly Ray Wadsley ps Does it have a larger battery

    • The unit comes with the smaller battery at present. Although larger batteries may become available to purchase as an aftermarket item at some stage. Best to check with Uniden Australia.

      The unit will not pick up Victoria Police in Metropolitan areas, they’ve been encrypted for nearly 14 years. It will also not monitor Victoria Police in regional and rural areas as they have just moved to an encrypted system also.

      You can still monitor Air Wing on air band but won’t really hear the ‘heart stopping stuff’ on there.
      You can still hear Air Wing assets to ‘Air Wing 900’ (Essendon Airport Base) on their allocations amongst the air band, dependant on location and antenna set up.

      It will monitor CFA just fine and will monitor MFB at the present time although it should be noted the MFB will possibly move to encrypted talkgroups (channels) next year. Uncertain if that means all or partial of their allocated talkgroups. MFB are due for new radios, this may also occur next year.

      Ambulance Victoria are another entity that at the present time can be monitored although they’re currently rolling out new radios and it has been noted more units are running encryption of late.

  4. Image on website shows the small Battery so much outrage in The US regarding battery life they sent free upgraded batteries. I hope our stores see the Bigger capacity Battery. Cheers to Uniden for thinking of Australian enthusiasts. This scanner is so simple to use might not see a postcode programmable one :-}

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