Uniden Australia Scanner Upgrade Program

Uniden Australia have officially launched their Scanner Upgrade project for the UBCD436-PT and UBCD536-PT series of scanners.

‘Rohan’ was one user who was quick to take up Uniden Australia on their offer of new modes for his UBCD436-PT having purchased his upgrade during the testing phase of the site. (Image supplied by ‘Rohan’).

A few weeks ago an upgrade site appeared for a brief period of time before being removed. There were a few lucky folks who managed to get their upgrades before the site was removed. Then came the second appearance of the update page before it too was removed after a few more lucky users purchased and received their upgrade keys.

The site was up to enable a ‘test run’ only and for those curious some companies will generally undertake such an exercise in order to test their procedures and systems. In essence those lucky early birds act as a tester for a company to ensure selection of upgrade type, payment processing, automatic email sending and the like work as expected.

It’s a way of ironing out the bugs before going officially live.

On the 16th of August, 2018 Uniden Australia went live with scanner upgrade project and the site permitting the purchase of the desired upgrades returned in an official capacity.

The page permits users to select from three different mode options, those being:

DMR (which includes Motorola MotoTRBO) – $85.00
NXDN – $75.00
ProVoice (for EDACS systems) – $75.00


DMR has made massive inroads in Australia over the years, hence some people’s frustration at the lack of local options for monitoring such. It’s just not ideal to sit in some areas with a laptop (or tablet) and dongle with antenna. But happy to say those days are over with Uniden Australia now providing the ability to monitor from the selected units.

I genuinely hope that the people who have long wanted and demanded these upgrade options now purchase them.

I believe I have somewhat of understanding of just what Uniden Australia  had to do, achieve and undergo in order to make this happen for local units. So please, support them and show them their efforts have been worthwhile.

‘Rohan’ enjoying a spot of NXDN listening on his UBCD436-PT. (Image supplied by ‘Rohan’).

Obviously we need to consider how the local units came about and what they were originally intended for in Victoria, I don’t see old Farmer Joe who is the local CFA Captain needing DMR (yet) out at Porepunkah or Woomelang in rural Victoria. However there are a healthy and sizable amount of units Australia wide whereby people can purchase their keys and open up new listening horizons for themselves to assist in making this whole exercise worthwhile.

Now the eagle-eyed out there also spotted a nice little teaser as one of the scanner options for which you can purchase upgrades to, that being the USD100.

In our last article (you can read it here: July, 2018 article. Fourth last paragraph) I put forward my belief that Uniden Australia would bring a localised version of the SDS100 to our shores.

Obviously on noting the USD100 as a model option on the page it only strengthens my belief we’ll soon see our own version of the SDS100 and the European market looks to be getting the SDS100E.

Incidentally I’m really enjoying my imported SDS100, so much fun and what a step up. It got even better when I was finally able to purchase the DMR upgrade thanks to a family member living in the United States at present.

Well done to Uniden Australia on finally getting this project over the line, it’s long overdue, but you know what they say; ‘Good things come to those who wait’.


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13 replies

  1. I notice that Tullamarine is using DMR. Or so I have read. Is it encrypted? I own a 436PT and was wondering what upgrade recommendations fellow scanner enthusiasts would recommend. I live in Inverloch and come to Melbourne once per month. Airports even less often. I just like owning radios that are fully featured and am trying to justify the expense.

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Paul – the last time I checked the system at the Airport was not encrypted, but obviously that doesn’t mean it can’t be in the future. In reality all it takes is a tick of a box on the software to enable basic privacy nowadays.

      • Dear Sir,

        Could you please tell me if it worth undertaking the three paid updates for the 436PT. I am sending it away for firmware upgrades. Though whilst away should I also include PROVOICE, DMR and NXDN updates? I like a hamburger with the lot. Or amI just waisting money. Or will these one day come to Victoria?

        Kind regards,


        • Hi Paul – DMR and NXDN are already heavily in use throughout Victoria and most parts of Australia so I believe it is worth the upgrades for those. As for PROVOICE (EDACS), whilst it is in use DMR and NXDN are the more common of the three. If you like a Hamburger with the lot then go for it.

      • Dear Sir,

        I and probably others are wondering if it is worth undertaking the three paid mode upgrades. I have sent my 436PT away for firmware upgrade and I am wondering if I should have the three paid upgrades installed as well as the radio is away?

        I do like a hamburger with the lot and have the money. Though will it be money well spent in the state of Victoria. I will also be purchasing a 536PT one day or one of the new uniden radios. I have my trusty friend at OzScan do my upgrades as I do not understand the software.

        Kind regards,


  2. I received an upgrade a couple of weeks ago and all went well. After some indecision I decided to do the PROVOICE upgrade today (November 15th) It has now been a couple of hours and to date nothing. I must admit after reading the above article I am somewhat worried as the money has come out oftheaccount and nothing

  3. I’ve just ordered and paid for the DMR upgrade. I will be getting all 3 upgrade options and it would have been good to see Uniden offer a discount to customers who decide to order all the options at once.
    FYI – I have the UBCD436-PT
    I would love to buy the new SDS100 but Uniden tell me it’s unavailable in Australia. I don’t know how to buy one (with all upgrade options) from USA.

    • Hi Murray,

      That’s actually not a bad idea about the discount for folks who buy all 3 upgrades.

      As for the SDS100 whilst it’s true that it is unavailable in Australia it may pay to hold on a bit longer as I strongly suspect an Australian version (USD100) is planned.

      But if you can’t wait you can always import one, I got mine from Zip Scanners in the US.

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