Where are the RMR radio ID’s?

Morning All,

Well it seems many are missing having access to the RMR Network RiD’s and I’ve received many messages asking for them.

Originally I intended on having them all on one page, like I used to for the MMR Network RiD’s, but the sheer number of RiD’s and the amount of data on one page made the page extremely sluggish and slow to load.

So from there I moved them to each having their own page, which in turn required more pages to try and keep updated, the task made even harder given the dynamics of the RMR Network and ESO operations.

I’m currently sharing my CFA RMR Network RiD’s data with Jim from Ozscan and I’ll look at having a simple text document for download, mind you at present I simply do not have the time to update it.

Happy New Year to all.

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  1. CFA Command Channel this year is digital channel 388, working off a repeater at Avalon. 77 is the fireground channel still if required

  2. Thanks for that info on Broadcastify but it doesn’t cover all emergency channels the same as a scanner but good coverage for CFA RRD for Hume area which I am in District 24 which borders on District 23 and covers District 12, 22, 23 and 24 but doesn’t cover fireground channels. I have a problem listening to the different feeds as my computer amplifier is connected up to one of my TV’s and what I need is a mixer.

  3. Is there anybody who could supply such a setup?

    • Hi Len,

      Whilst Chris L. is correct in what he says I’m not sure if it is really the way to go for you in your situation, or anyone for that matter.

      Whilst the pager may give an initial alert, or increased level of alarm event, it doesn’t really provide true real time updates that listening via a radio does.

      Also sometimes depending on the nature of the pager message there can be delays in various messages being sent.

      Then you have the issue of sourcing all the relevant cap-codes (look at them as a individual brigades personal address or phone number on the pager network) for those areas you wish to monitor.

      Me personally, whilst an expensive outlay, would go the digital scanner route and if you should choose to, the pager as a supplementary device. Mind you, if you think some entities get snippy at you listening to their radio communications, wait until they become aware you’re monitoring their pager networks.

      • Thanks for your professional perspective on the subject of CFA scanners and pagers. It looks like I’ll have to wait until there’s a second hand digital scanner available or I can save up enough to purchase a new one.
        I am dirty on CFA when they released their digital scanners to members at a subsidised price and as I was an ex member (48 years service) I wasn’t eligible. Whilst the changing over to the digital radio network system with CFA was a great benefit to volunteers and operations it was also a travesty of justice for all the people who owned analogue scanners who relied on first hand and follow up information when there was a fire as a first line of defence and to activate their fire plan early.
        Just my thoughts, the Government should have made these CFA scanners available to the public in fire-prone areas at the subsidised price. You would think that when anybody buys a huge lot of items in bulk there would be a considerable amount of reduction in price. Thanks again for you input.

  4. A pager set up for the EAS network would work for you, with local area CFA cap codes in it. Cheaper than buying a digital scanner.

  5. Is there any alternative for fire alerts from CFA radios apart from having to buy expensive digital scanners now that they have gone to digital and we in fire-prone areas still have analogue scanners? The only little information we get at the moment when a fire occurs is from the fire spotting towers and the police in North East Victoria and I hear that police are changing to encrypted in country Victoria and that will be a real disaster to country people with scanners (not crooks)

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