Could a class action really be looming for Uniden America?

As many would be aware there has been a fair few purchasers of Uniden’s current generation of digital scanners, the BCD436HP and BCD536HP, in the US who are ready to blow a circuit or two over what they see as a failure by Uniden to provide and deliver on advertised features and functions. This is despite the scanners having nearly been available for a year, give or take a month.

Some of you may be aware there were some production issues on some batches of the initial radios that required rectification by Uniden, recently there has also been some concern on the performance on some bands of some units also, but it seems things may about to get even uglier. 

dollar-sign-live-wallpaper-2-2-s-307x512Long time readers of Radio Reference will have seen numerous threads and discussions since the launch of the radios back in November 2013, and subsequent release in January 2014 detailing pros and cons. It would seem those dissatisfied since purchasing units and after waiting for many months may now be gathering to have their day in court so too speak.

Obviously there are those who feel their purchased units are doing all they’d hoped and wished for, and are happy to forgo some of the features and functions initially advertised. But there are definitely some who feel they’ve been shortchanged on this exercise and want those features and functions which were in part part of the reason they purchased said scanner(s). Then of course there are those who do a little more with their scanners than just scan a few frequencies and like them to work that bit much harder and as such have the required functions to do so.

A website has recently been set up to act as a ‘rallying point’ for those fed up with the whole saga and can be found here:

It will be interesting to how this pans out locally for us here in Australia. One could argue that all this may still have some sort of affect on us if Uniden Australia were considering a local release of the units here, it may be placed on hold pending the outcome of any class actions elsewhere. It may be a bit of a doomsday conclusion, but one thing I’ve learned is to never say never.

Happy Scanning!

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