Site updates, a discovery & a big THANKS!

RMR Network Info

Wow wow wow!

Let me just start this post by saying thank you to all who have been contributing to the RMR Network Sites information page.  I am in awe of the amount of people who have assisted with this, including several from interstate and rural Victorian areas. Thank you very much for your help.

As with any new network the hard part is trying to get a jump-start on getting some credible information together. I think we’ve managed to achieve that ten-fold and this will certainly assist many in getting a start on what they need to do to monitor this network or at least provide them with the initial tools and information they will be seeking as they learn.

It’s amazing to see how much the RMR Network Sites page has ‘bulked up’ over the last few months. For the record that page was first published by us at Vicradio Zone on the 08/08/2013 with a mere two sites being listed. Incredible how things can change when you get a dedicated bunch of enthusiasts together and give them a platform to share what they have.

We’re just four site towers away from having the Hume Region towers SiD’s and Control Channels sorted. Obviously we’re a little way off from finishing entirely yet though, but I think we’ll get there.

RMR Network UiD’s Info

We’re still working on this slowly and I’d like to thank those that have assisted in providing information where they can. One of the avenue of resources has permitted to me to confirm my own or others observations as a ‘third avenue of confirmation’ which assists in solidifying the information. Sunday evening (01/05/2014) we released another three pages of UiD/RiD’s with more to come. It’s a slow process but we will get there.

In regards to UiD/RiD’s we’ve changed how the this information is accessed. Initially we had all the information on one page, but the sheer amount of data tended to slow the page and site down, so in recent months each CFA District has received its own page.

If you’re looking for a particular UiD/RiD just use the sites search function located on the top right hand side of the site and that will take you to the relevant CFA District Page that the UiD should belong to if it is indeed recorded on the site.

MMR Network MFB / ESTA Discovery

As many would be aware there has long been two TGID’s that fall in the Victoria Police range of TGID’s that are used by ESTA for training of its staff assigned to Police Communications (VKC) operations. Those TGID’s being 1701 and 1702.

Recently ‘melbscan’ reported that he’d heard what sounded to be ESTA Console Operator training for MFB operations on two TGID’s that fall within the Metropolitan Fire Brigades allocation of TGID’s, those being 10060 and 10061. So program these up and have them handy!

Previously no activity has been noted on these TGID’s and they have sat amongst a group of approximately 17 TGID’s that we’ve long wondered what, if any, their use may be for. Those 17 TGID’s being;

10005 10006 10007 10008 10012 10022 10026 10030 10034 10038 10039 10040 10044 10050 10060 10061 10079.

I’m advised that ESTA possibly have access to several TGID’s for training of its operators that fall within the allocation of each service on the MMR Network, so there is a real possibility that ‘melbscan’ may have finally found those two TGID’s used by ESTA for ‘VKN8’ operator training and furthermore there could be a few amongst the Ambulance Victoria allocation range of TGID’s.

Until next time folks, happy scanning!
Vicradio Zone.

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7 replies

  1. Is it possible that Vic Fire Ballarat has been switched to encrypted transmission?

    • Very very very unlikely. Why do you ask? Whilst they’re transitioned to the RMR Network (P25 protocol) it is not encrypted. That would also make the whole ‘scanners for CFA members’ exercise a massive waste of money and defeat the purpose of them undertaking such an exercise.

      • Only last week I was told by a volunteer firefighter from District 15 that they had been told that the radio channels would be encrypted.

        • Hi Mark,

          There are no plans at this stage to encrypt CFA TGID’s on the RMR Network. They will however encrypt VicPol TGID’s when they migrate over to the network, that is for certain. They may also provide CFA access to some encrypted assets for multi agency events like they do the MFB / AV on the MMR Network.

          I’d be VERY surprised if they, the CFA, went to total encryption now. Can your source provide credible facts?

          It would make the recent ‘Scanners for CFA members’ exercise pointless and a total waste of time and money, although admittedly not the first time a government entity did such a thing huh?!?

  2. Hi is there an email address that i can send you some info on the RMR network.

  3. Hi Mark,

    Yes 320808 is certainly one on the ID’s allocated for use as a Vicfire Console by ESTA.
    Certain Coastguard Flotilla’s have access to the RMR Network given their MOU that they’ve had in place with the CFA for a couple of years now.
    As for the SES, whilst nothing is confirmed, it could be a case of ‘watch this space’.

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