Possible new Uniden scanners – BCD436HP & BCD536HP.


This is the first chance I’ve had to post this since it appeared on the US FCC Site due to time constraints with work. All I will say is thank god the Spring Racing Carnival is over for the year!

Let’s talk Scanners for a minute and follow on from a previous blog article we posted on September 24th, 2013 entitled, “Scanner production & possible new release news”.

Some may have noted the previous blog piece by us on where we make mention of some possible new Uniden products that there were whispers of and subsequently ‘teaser’ posts and a video by Paul Opitz of Uniden on internet forums, amongst other clues such as those slowly being found on the United States FCC website.

Some may also be aware that Uniden are set to make some sort of announcement on November 16th, 2013. So only days away!

Last week on the United States FCC website the following links appeared which show a handheld version scanner with the designation of BCD436HP. The links also provide a rear view of a unit showing where the FCC label is to be placed. It needs to be remembered though that the unit shown may differ from the finished product, it does however seem a little slimmer and longer than the 396T/XT models


Couple the above information with that which was previously found on the FCC website we’ve now identified two models. Those being the handheld BCD436HP and the base BCD536HP variant.

We also need to remember that even though ‘announcements’ are soon expected on these new products it will not mean they’re available for immediate purchase.

It is still unknown how or what impact these possible units will have on the local Australian and New Zealand markets.

Guess we’ll know more midday November 16th, 2013 (US Central Time Zone).

Until then, happy scanning & speculating!

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  1. The two new models released in the USA are currently being looked at by Uniden Australia. However this is strictly a review stage at this moment. Don’t coun’t on seeing these two new US Models here in Australia for at least 12 months! I personally have tested the handheld BCD436HP and found it to work quite well on the SA – NSW and MMR and new CFA Digital Network. There are a few engineering issues to be sorted before an Australian Version is released, one of those hurdles is the fact that the handheld scanner can NOT be used while in charge mode. It must also be charged using a USB cable – not a 240 volt plug like so many Aussie users are used to. The New scanners also rely on the DATABASE being pre-loaded and updated on a regular basis, this works fine in the USA, but as there is no dedicated Database for Australia other than the ACMA web page, this is another hurdle that is going to be hard to resolve here in Australia.
    Anyone looking to purchase a new scanner would still be better of buying a UBCD396XT at this stage. Back to Back the two scanners (UBCD396XT and the BCD436HP) work perfect in harmony and one does not in fact have any better reception than the other, I would also suggest the US Model BCD996XT as a viable option for those looking for a good quality digital desktop scanner. Prices of these have dropped considerably in the USA over the past few months and can be imported for around $500 AUD or less.
    Hope this info is of relevance.

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