Scanner production & possible new release news.

There has been some interesting rumours, discussion and ‘gossip’ for a while now surounding the possible purchase of the former GRE Scanner production assets and it would now appear it is no longer a rumour, but in fact a reality.

The Whistler Group announced, via its Vice President Leslie Folsom, on the September 19th of September, 2013 that it has accquired all required production assets of the former GRE line of scanners and has also hired a former employee of GRE to assist in development and production of scanners.

Furthermore Folsom also stated the following; “Whistler does not intend to be a bystander in this market, we are jumping in with both feet”.

Whistler Group, who have been around since 1971, are primarily known for their Laser & Radar Detectors also posted on their Facebook Page the following; “We will be launching a Whistler line of radio scanners in first quarter 2014. Please stay tuned for more details.”

It is believed they will produce a range of Scanners branded for Radio Shack and possibly under their own product name.

The Radio Shack Scanner line is believed to initially resemble the below;

  • PRO-649 – to be identical to the previously available PRO-404 model. Analogue handheld scanner (25-512MHz only),
  • PRO-650 – to be identical to the previously available PRO-405 model. Analogue base scanner (25-512MHz only),
  • PRO-651 – to be identical to the previously avaiable PRO-106 model. Digital trunking full coverage handheld scanner,
  • PRO-652 – to be identical to the previously available PRO-197 model. Digital trunking full coverage base scanner.

There has been no inital mention of the PSR-800/PSR-900 series scanners that were capable of monitoring P25 Phase II (TDMA).

Please remember, GRE itself has not been purchased, but rather a former line of their products and the required infrastructure to produce them.

Screenshot capture of the Whistler Group Facebook announcement.

Whistler Group FB

Now for the Uniden news!!!

This is another one that has been the subject of so many rumours and gossip in previous months on several Scanning & Communications forums. There is talk, big talk, that mid November (maybe the 16th?)  may bring a new scanner release, possibly even two, from Uniden in the United States.

Uniden Project Manager Paul Opitz gives a model number of BCD536HP and there has also been talk of a BCD436HP. If this is correct one would assume possibly a base and a handheld unit, although we all know how wrong it can be to assume.

Given its early days yet there is no indication as to just how or what will evolve from their possible future release for the Australian & New Zealand market.

Provided below are links to what are believed to be documents between Uniden and the FCC in the United States that are related to at least one of the new possible units. It’s interesting to note that the rear of the unit whilst similar to the 996T & 996XT now has a USB port included.

Attestation Statement:

Cover Letter (RFC):

FCC label location (includes possible drawing of rear of base unit):

FCC test results:

There were more documents related to this possible release on the FCC website at one stage that had been placed on the site in error. They have since been removed as Uniden acted VERY quickly once the error had been realised.

Hopefully we in Australia & New Zealand are not forgotten and our local Uniden entities consider local releases of these units.

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  1. Paul Ortiz –> Paul Opitz

    Or, UPMan.


    • Well I do hear he’s a many of many talents, so perhaps he’s man of many names as well?

      Apologies Paul, you can have your real name back now.
      Flattered you read our little blog.

  2. Well this gets more interesting. A further release by Whistler Group on 23/09/2013.
    The last setence of the second paragraph in particular.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


    Contact: Kim Callison, Marketing Director
    The Whistler Group, Inc.
    Phone: (479) 464-3504
    Email: kcallison*@*

    Whistler Announces Entry into Radio Scanner Market

    Bentonville, AR – (September 23, 2013) – The Whistler Group, Inc., a leading industry supplier of Laser/Radar Detectors, is announcing entry into the radio scanner market. Whistler has purchased the intellectual property of scanner industry leader, GRE America, Inc., and plans to launch a complete line of scanners under the Whistler brand.

    Whistler is proud to enter the scanning receiver business, picking up popular scanner models often characterized by hobbyists as easiest to program and use. Whistler scanners will include: handheld and desktop/mobile digital scanners with full keyboard, a handheld scanner with USA/Canada database built in, and two models of VHF/UHF non-trunking scanners. The assortment will include the first and only scanner that works on newer modulation protocols including P25-Phase II.

    Models feature an Object Oriented User Interface, context sensitive help menus and three soft keys for easy programming, Digital AGC and superfast DSP for clearest possible audio on digital signals, user upgradable CPU and DSP firmware and an alert LED which can be programmed to light when any object goes active.

    Whistler is committed to advancing state of the art technology in scanning receivers. “This is an exciting opportunity to produce quality product that keeps up with changing industry technology. We look forward to making positive contributions to this industry”, states Jesse Hopkins, President/CEO of Whistler.

    Whistler brand scanners will be available for retail and distribution in the first quarter of 2014.”

  3. It would be very nice, however I believe the realitiy is unless any new units have the ability to monitor NXDN, MotoTBRO, DMR (Yes, I have a sense of humour and hope!), Tetra, P25 Phase II etc, or they’ve developed some sort of super duper capability then any possible market in Australia will be even smaller. Don’t get me started about how ridiculous the price was for the initial 396T & 996T here in Australia, I would hope if we were lucky to see some units for local conditions then we wouldn’t have a repeat of that episode!

    I am keen to see how this develops and what just transpires. Thanks for the comment.

  4. This is all fantastic news. Hopefully we can see the finished products soon

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