RMR Network Sites – An update & thanks.

Hi Folks!

Thanks to an extremely generous contribution from a follower of this site we’ve been able to commence a rather large update of the new RMR Network Sites currently being implemented throughout the state. Many familiar with this Network will be aware how in time it will become the primary communications system used by the Country Fire Authority, and some suspect other agencies in the future.

The contributor ‘FireScan’ has sat down and gone through the ACMA online database and gleaned the required frequencies and subsequently shared his work with us.

It’s going to take a little while to code up a suitable table for the information but the bulk of it is available under the relevant menu sections of the site, so feel free to have a look.

Please keep in mind the format of the information may change over time as we build and tidy up the table. Feel free to share any further details you feel may benefit readers of the site.

We need to be mindful that sections of the information may change as the sites are built and as the project continues to be rolled out.

We’re extremely grateful to FireScan for his hard work.

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