Some updates, discoveries & a thank you.

Hello to all yet again,

We’ve been lucky enough to have two lots of MMR Network Frequency mapping data supplied to us by Mat. The sites in question are the Epping / Greensborough (0113) simulcast system and Campbellfield (0153). The information has been added to the existing PDF document available for viewing under the relevant MMR Network menu selection. Many thanks to you Mat.

Another recent update pertains to a TGID for the MFB radios we had up until now been uncertain of. Radio Zone 3 Channel 16 which is labelled as ‘MAS’ is intended to be used as part of the brigade Emergency Medical Response (EMR) program under dire circumstances. We can now confirm that the TGID that makes up this channel is 20048. Many may recognise this as being an Ambulance Victoria TGID. It is the same TGID that makes up part of their radio system on the MMR Network, that being Radio Zone 1 Ch.125 which is labelled as ‘CLIN EMR’.

Also Radio Zone 1 Ch.53 on the MFB radios which is for the Announcement Talkgroup (ATG). This channel is intended for system wide announcements. Users who utilise it have their message broadcast across all active TGID’s / Channels. Needless to say it use is limited. I’ve often wondered if it has its own actual TGID and recently discovered it doesn’t, no TGID is held in the radios codeplugs for it. Go figure that one out! If anyone can shed more light on this I’d be grateful for it.

Finally user ‘Wonky‘ has been generous enough to supply a great amount of some of the outstanding NAC’s for the MMR Network Sites. The information has been placed on the relevant MMR Network Sites page. Many thanks to you Wonky.

Happy scanning folks!

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