MMR & RMR Network – System towers frequency mapping

Well this has been a long time coming since we first tweeted about it on February 29th, 2013! Due to work restraints it’s taken nearly a month to get this out to those interested and to be able to find a format in which to present it.

We finally managed to sit down a few weeks back and commence mapping who uses what frequency on the MMR Network. As many familiar with the network would know the voice frequencies are partitioned, that being that each service has its own frequency set aside within the system for its talk requirements.

Obviously not all towers, well actually nowhere near all of them, have been mapped as of yet. That is going to take a fair amount of time and hopefully some input from those able to assist in this exercise.

A few interesting observations regarding this exercise so far.

A  network user whose radio sends data tends to use a ‘talk frequency’  from another agency in order to do so. We’ve noted that if an Ambulance radio has a need to send data packets it will use a ‘talk frequency’ from those set aside for Police or Fire, never one of its own. On the other hand if a Police radio has a need to send data packets it will do so on a talk frequency set aside for Ambulance or Fire and so on.

For those wondering how we obtained these results we used a UBCD396XT and ran the Pro96Com software with it in order to decode the P25 control channel data on each of the system towers completed so far.

The program is available here for those interested and would like to have a go themselves;


The results completed so far are available under the sites MMR Network menu. We’ll try to complete other sites as results come to hand. The plan is to have each site on its own page and in numerical order.

Anyone who has the ability to assist in this exercise feel free to drop us a line for an explanation of what’s required.

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  1. Hi Guys, got it working, had to set up a P25 system with at least one control channel. All this stuff is new to an old analogue comms hack ;).

    • Hi Darrin – Good luck with it. You should also be able to do it by searching amongst the frequency range for the MMR Network.


  2. Great looking site. Just purchased a UBC396XT as well and followed you tips above to get it going with Pr096com and not receiving any data. Have com port,baud rate and extended CC data set up. Any other ideas. Can read radio with freescan so know port is good? More than happy to share my loggings, just need to get some data!!

  3. Given your location I’d be interested in your results too. If you have a look under the MMR Network menu you will see a link for the MMR Tower Frequency Maps, this will give you an idea of how I’ve presented the information. We don’t expect you to go to such lengths but it shows what we’re after. Good luck!

  4. Hello,

    I have a UBCD396xt and leave in the outer sth east suburbs. Love to have a go at trying to ind some control channels out here and have downloaded the software. How do you go about searching for the control frequencies


    Stuart Sinclair Lighting Designer/Proprietor Morning Glory Productions 129 Livingstone Boulevard, Pakenham Victoria, Australia 3810 Ph : +61 3 5940 3543 Mob: +61 432 738 922

    • Hi Stuart;

      Basically you will need the following;

      1/. Scanner;
      2/. Suitable cable for connection of scanner to computer (the one you used to program your scanner should work nicely);
      3/. Pro96Com software.

      Once you’ve connected your scanner to your computer turn it on and do the following;

      Ensure you have the baud rate for the scanner and software set to the same. Best to start off with a low to middle range baud rate. (Try 38400 bps to begin with).

      On the scanner this is accessed via;
      Menu>Settings>Set Serial Port>38400 bps>Yes (E).

      On the software accessed via:
      Edit>Decode Configuration>Decode Configuration tab>Port Speed>38400

      Now while you’re in the above section of the software do the following;
      Select serial port – Hitting ‘Rescan’ on software should tell you what port your scanner is connected to.
      Decoding Scanner Model – Select BCD396XT

      Now go back to your scanner there is a few more things you need to make sure of;
      1/. Menu>Settings>Set C-CH Output>Extend>Yes (E)
      2/. Set a Custom Search or just ensure scanner is holding on a Control Channel (frequency) you can pick up from your location.

      Once all of the above is done hit the ‘Read Data From Radio’ button or select from the upper menu area of software.

      On the software go to the ‘System Activity’ tab and eventually you should start to see some movement with frequencies appearing and the ‘Decode Information Recieve Rate’ activity bar showing blue bars off and on.

      Refer to the Usage Code Descriptions button on the lower left of the above tab for an idea of what frequency does what on the system tower..

      Have a look at some of the other tabs and you will see what frequency was used by what talkgroup and what radio it was that accessed it. From here we see if the frequency is used by Police, Fire or Ambulance.

      Very basic but I think that’s the best place to start.

      Let me know how you go.

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