A little bit more to see and do.

Greetings All,

Well there is a little more content on the site now with recent additions including;

-Ambulance Victoria (Rural);
-SMR Network Channel Plan;
-VKS-737 Radio Network;
-HF Audio Clips;
-MMR Network Sites (completed most of the Control Channel and Site ID table, a little further input required)

In relation to the MMR Network I am informed it will indeed be impacted upon by the ACMA Embargo 50 exercise in an effort to reclaim segments of particular spectrum. I am unaware just how many frequencies will need to be altered simply as I have not sat down to work out what frequencies fall in the span of spectrum outlined in Embargo 50.

I’ve added a couple of example HF audio clips, two of which I recorded this evening. I’ll try to add something to it every so often, but initially it might be a little sluggish as we’ve just purchased a house and will move in a few weeks and work is immensely busy at the moment. The wife already has a mass of jobs lined up for me at the new place and oddly enough a nice little man cave for my radios isn’t one of them. Imagine that?

Given the upcoming move I’m relying on a simple long-wire in to my FRG-7700 at present so I’m not getting the distance I once did.

There is more content planned in the upcoming weeks and months so stay tuned.

Happy Listening!

5 thoughts on “A little bit more to see and do.

  1. Hello

    I’m not sure if you would have it but at the moment I’m going through something of a painstaking process of manually recording mfb unit ids with my scanner and the appliance name that they relate to.

    I noticed there is a link on this page for just that but alas I have no password.

    I suppose I was hoping that if I asked real nicely you might give me access 🙂



  2. Ambulance are a pain to keep track of, except for certain assets such as ESV’s, Air Ambulance and certain Officers cars. MFB are a lot easier to keep track of, they have nowhere near the amount of daily changes.

    I’m off for a few days early next week before the Grand Prix. I’ll have a look at removing some of the MFB’s Officers UiD’s (don’t want to upset them by posting identifiable names!) and I’ll open up the page for viewers.

    Once I do that it might also draw submissions from other users of UiD’s we can post up and share.

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